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Tommy C... Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this vlog! The burger really burnt my bum the next day.
See you all tomorrow with another CRAZY FOOD!
Just Li... Mama from bydgoszcz me too
Burak K... Of course you almost died
Polish ... Mama rozwala system po prostu?????
DJ Madk... muzyka z intra?
Lucas g... I swear this guy is a remake of Logan Paul literally he s second name is Paul and he is a total choch
auqa ri... Min. 11:00, there is a insect on your shoulder ? kurwa co to jest xd
Czarny ... 11:06 ten robak xddd
Akarsha... I love your mum!!!
Akarsha... I loved the Rick shirt!!! Love you craze you really helped me through my hard times! And frosty!

bella30... How are you able to scream at 6am is beyond me. Been here since Day 1 and you still manage to amaze me with your energy. You're so pumped bro :)
Mientus... Spiciest burger in the world challenge but its just 10 seconds of eating NotLikeThis twich emote
Minek Q... Zauważyłeś pod koniec vloga tego żuczka na prawym ramieniu? Lajkuje xd
Ashley ... Fajny koteł :3
Iga Sul... On 200000 please show your girlfriends face
MAKSIA?... I have an idea for you and Frosty (idea for video to JET Crew) - you remember "Aussie Guy is tries to spell Polish words" - remind Frosty Polish alphabet and make the second part
D.o.c M... Erol pierog
Korneli... XO Puma ?
Karmeli... Pierogi Gang wszędzie❤
Roxy Ae... My inner white mom is so happy you're putting on sunscreen ?????
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