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Yuri's Last Stand, Soviet Mission made by luk3us for C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. Yuri's Revenge is an expansion pack for C&C Red Alert 2, released in the October 2001. It contains 7 missions for both Soviets and the Allies, it's focused around time travelling back in time to stop Yuri's secret plan of dominating the world by activating secretly constructed Psychic Dominator devices during the war. Missions are way harder than these in vanilla Red Alert 2 campaign but are still much easier than those in Mental Omega 2.0/3.0. There was also planned a campaign for Yuri but it was scrapped due to the time constraints. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a 2.5D real-time strategy computer game by Westwood Pacific, which was released for...

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Special thanks to GuardianGI who helped me in fixing this mission, I would be unable to complete it without his help. Cause yes, creator messed up a lot with this mission and it's not possible to finish it without fixing. Two triggers were broken, thus the fastest and easiest way to fix it... was simply removing them the mission. Mission is of course played on Hard difficulty, it has some tricks that can make this mission a lot easier for you. At the beginning you are out of power, just place some Initiates back to the Bio Reactors. Then you will hear that the Psychic Towers captured some Mirage Tanks around, use them well because they are rather mandatory. Build first a one or two Masterminds to capture the Mirage Tanks to the north and place them next to the northern entry to the base. Next to your base is a field full of gems, produce 3-4 Slave Miners and commence the mining operations. But be careful, the map is full of the Mirage Tanks, it is very easy to lose here your precious Slave Miners. It will be the best idea to clear the map from these annoying Mirage Tanks, just use lots of Floating Disks and check the trees. Floating Disks in this mission are the best units for sure, especially when dealing against incoming Allied and Soviet Tanks. Disabling the Power Plants and destroying the Robot Ops Centers is a great idea, it's more a cheating in this mission. Especially when near the end of this mission AI chronoshifts the disabled Robot Tanks near your Psychic Dominator...

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Strange... this mission keep crushing
VIT Cry... Baby
Vandal ... martinoz i want askk = why i extraxt the mission into YR directory and it's not works ? and 2 = why i want play this mission on mental omega 2.0 , it dont heave :(
Vandal ... i want download but i have mental omega 2.0 (NPSE0020 is not download because bugs :)
Vandal ... hey i have this mission :D but i don't know where i did put it :(
Aur? ?... <3
RedAler... I have this. Mission to but the on the normaal version from Yuri’s revenge
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