Illumi Music - Jonth x Kestutis K - The Voyager

Jonth x Kestutis K - The Voyager Free Download:

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Illumi ... Question of the Day :
How are You guys feeling after Christmas? :D
2Choice... Sick!
J-Vahal... Really good melody and bouncy bassline!!!!
DjGlort... The part 0:26-0:30 reminds me of a melody
John Ce... Love the bass rhythm and the lead melody, nice tracc
Sxxov... that saw is dirty holy shit
iPointl... Jonth at his best ?

Cube Legion Stamp Of AWESOMENESS ??
Nilsedv... This is the best so far ;D
JoepIsH... This melody
Is So fucking good

No words
?LifeSt... Kestutis K knows how to tell stories with their music :)

Niklas ... Hey! I have create a new song called "Only Two" (: If you want to hear my new track or more of my own music, here is the link to my soundcloud! (: If you want to upload the track "Only Two" or another song, my name is Niklas Renner Sorry, my english isn`t good^^ Ps.: The tracks on my channel are very old and not good. But now my songs are better!^^
Nicolas... Sounds like if Avicii would make future house x) Huge sound!❤
THE HOU... its just a bomb, but im the only one feeling that i already heared this mello before? maybe is just me or it was in a mix or whatever idk xD
DuGong... Insane melody, I love everything about this track <3
Future ... Dope one!
CubesFT... lol the logo doesn't seem excited enough
Vosai... love it jesper
Ali... best melody I've heard
Baconar... Melody reminds me of a track tbh
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