240252 - Roaring Twenties: Charley Straight's Orch. - Too Busy, 1928

Charley STRAIGHT’s Orchestra – Too Busy, Fox-Trot (Miller-Cohn) with Vocal Chorus by Frank Sylvano, Brunswick 1928 (USA) NOTE: Charles (“Charley”) STRAIGHT was born in 1891 in Chicago, Illinois, his father was American and mother was born in Sweden. He was a pianist, bandleader and composer, who started his career in 1909 accompanying singer Gene Greene in a vaudeville theatre. In 1916, he began working at the Imperial Piano Roll Company in Chicago, where he recorded dozens of piano rolls. He worked with Roy Bargy, who was the leader, pianist and arranger of the Benson Orchestra of Chicago between 1920 - 1922 (when he was replaced by Don Bestor), and later worked with the orchestras of Isham Jones and of Paul Whiteman and recorded...

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1920sfa... Could be my feature song, since that's what I often am - too busy. Great to relax a moment with this uplifting, wonderfully arranged music!
brent g... jazzy fun
?????? ... Гжегож, - "Блеск!" :-)
A. Diet... Eine richtig gute Brunswick Aufnahme, die so typisch für diese Zeit ist. Ich verstehe sehr gut, dass diese Band so populär war. Charley Straight spielte ganz einfach großartige Tanzmusik, die auch noch heute "in" ist. Vielen Dank für dieses Zeitzeichen. Ein lieber Gruß von Dieter.
Luis M... A kind of a Bix/Tram combination. Thanks!
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZVI8Kq2yuxNOO9tpvdmZg