right and left hand challenge

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varuru... woe is r and l hand challenge still alive
Sniper ... Both are still amazing
gacha -... Nice rosalli hey any tips on animating
Teddy B... Rossali.... I think it’s possible that u could be ambidextrous O//wO
Cured b... The song makes me feel like i'm alone on a rocky planet…
Ronnie ... So simmilar
Doggaur... I see what you did there with that song (also I’ve freaking loved retro wave and vapor wave for as long as I can remember so good choice! ♥️)
Dude _... AR U A GOD?
Aisik T... Ты не правильно выполнила этот челлендж
Electro... left hand still looks better than my art tbh
ellagra... The Male fursona is cute!!
Kørami... Oh God left look good ;0
Mark /W... Goddess of left hand
Eva Cat... I draw left hand
fizzy... ambidextrous gurl
Nika Dr... Left hand and right win
xxmeagh... Beautiful my child
luna an... ???
Berrii... I love your art style so much
You’ve improved a lot!! ?
•Blue... wow so cool!
rascal ... Yay another fantastic video!!!
Miss Ya... Did you cut ur hair?
Star Sw... UR ART IS SUPER ADORBS (I luv ur animations! Cause U make my day >w< )
bork -a... You are truly an artist! I waited till the end and saw when they were compared and they both look the same but still beautiful! I love your work Rossiali, I cant wait to see more.
Ramune?... They look the same??
ivanna ... Where's the difference? This is so awesome ?
Trixie ... when you watch all the ads to get rossali that cashshshsh
Lularuu... boi u ambidextrous aren't you?
Matumue... Lol what's the difference
Khajiit... Wait your one of those rare peeps who can use both hands what?
Catty c... The drawing in the left side Is still beautiful! ♡
Well this means u win this challege! Great job!
foxyhat... guys it doesnt look the same well its just kinda 95% the same :)
Tart Ku... Good as usual Rossali. I admire you for being at the university and still finding time to make art and uploads. I could never do that lol. Ily and your work ^
Starr A... Early? lol it good still
RedAnim... I looked away for like 5 seconds and thought you copied and pasted the right hand into the left
Electri... You're like me! I'm ambidextrous drawing with either of my hands look nearly the same!
?m?gum... Omg its still look the samee
Azzy Dr... Don't worry, the left side is just more emo.
Rainbow... I honestly expected to hear some nightcore.
I guess not-
Potatoe... They almost look exactly the same
Wolfspi... Who else thinks she nailed both of it ???????
RoseyGa... Sharing is caring, share your art skills lol
binaaya... you drawing with your left hand just looks like you drew it with a mouse wtf-
Cloudth... The left one is WAY better than anything I could ever draw? good job love the draws!
izukoa... rossali draws good with both
confirmed she isnt human
Princes... Your left hand drawing is better than my drawings
Pão Sw... Dudee, u are ambidextrous?
Cristal... YOU GOD
Un i... I luv u
Pixiera... This will be about the same result as me just with my style
• Dol... Your perfect drawing with both hands it’s like a blessing and a curse
xXKaxyX... It still looks good omg
??????... There's no difference :v
032280m... THEY DON'T HAVE A DIFFERENCE! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!!? (sadly I'm left handed?)
noru is... why is this so good, thank you for blessing me with this <33
???? Em... What is this oc’s name?
Pudim d... OMGGGG Are you ambidextrous? This is perfect :3
Shotgun... Gooood
Wondern... What kind of sorcery is this?!?

Also I adore your art :) <3
Nalaway... When Rosalli can draw left handed but you can't even draw with your main hand
-Soap B... Her left hand one is better than my crap
morella... Omg, you're the best Rossali, since i love your art style, and your animations.?,,
Sorry, i don't know speak very good english,;;?
Raine C... Wow they're actually both really good :0
wolf ki... You are the best
dankdoo... The character you drew is so cute
• Fla... LMAO
Insomni... Who else just skip to left hand
Rip watch time
lillian... Wow i wish I could draw like you keep up the good work ????
Silly S... wow.... I wanna try!!
Psycho ... What hånd do u really ånimate with? They both looks Amazing!
ariitro... are u ambidextrous?(i do almost nothing with my left hand and i cannot draw with it,but u can!)?
love ur vids btw??
?Choco ... Ur art is still a masterpiece with ur left hand, just look at mine and you'll see ur still a god at art-
EmoX Do... its actually really cool compared to how i would draw with my left hand ??
hazelod... in my opinion,i think both of them look good.
Minty Y... You can draw with both hands? So talented lysm❤️
Yogurt ... How
Akira W... Is el cool friend
Sweet S... Better than I can do
Foxx An... That’s beautiful because I can’t even draw with my left hand ?
Red 76... now draw with your feet so we can tell your not using ur right hand
Milla u... Do you cut ur hair?
Edgybea... The goddess has done it
XxToush... OoOo YOUR BOTH!
TheRott... Oml you're so good with your left hand! Btw what program do you use?
Cazy Th... My daily dose of this is awesome
aki cha... That face is a mood and a half
Serial ... Her color scheme reminds me of Sylveon, I love it!!
ConnarT... I LOVE YOU
Kittye... wOahhhhhh cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
bitch a... When her left is better than your right . . .
Silver ... You're ambidextrous?!?!?!?!
Rachel ... So cute
JubJub ... This is @w3som3 O^O
candy y... Lindoo
Jade XD... I love your art so much!!
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