MotoGamesTV - Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.15 vs Patch 1.29 Red Bull X2014 Standard Sound Comparison

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treerex... Interesting difference
Iwannaf... better on 1.15
Phoenix... Sounds like someone's having too much fun with a Piano ?
Pacman ... Holy crap they’ve really changed the sound! Wasn’t expecting this.
???????... 1.15
Vaccum mid work
???????... 1.29 is like a BEE
Nils We... It sounds like a high quality version of the GT 6 sound. I guess that means it sounds like the real thing?
Zsolt 1... 1.15 V6 hybrid 16000rpm 1.29 V8 more 200000rpm sound
Alexis ... Before the sound was great, it really looked like a V6, now we don't know if its a V12 sound or a vacum ?‍♂️
Kyseon ... Shit sounded beautiful on gt6 honestly
Olavo F... imagine the redbull x1 fan car if that comes back
Bar Gol... Sounds terrifying and inaccurate
The Eau... I really loved the 1.15 sound
herrlog... Far different than the real thing :) I am for improving sounds, not changing it. Maybe they should spend more effort on making a proper Zonda sound!
Tanmay ... Both sound dreadful :/
Nirolin... Fajne porównanie :) może coś z fh4?
nfdids... Thanks Motogamestv !
GermanR... This sound is so bad, it hurts
Naughty... 1st comment :)
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