1600 AP NEEKO! Ability Damage Test!

Vandiril »
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One shots with literally everything :D
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Davis G... this Champion will be perma banned in high elo
Black D... ult scalling is more than 100% wtf
Nichola... her ult is basically just nunu swain amumu ult combined
Nichola... ok I’m going on pbe right now
Die Lov... I love neeko!
Die Lov... Excited to be release???
Jamisem... Woah I’m early
santiag... second comment Xd
Vandiri... Little preview of how much damage this champion can deal.
Sure I had way more AP than u will ever have in a game, but I was often overkilling enemies with just 1 or 2 abilities.
This champ will definitely do a TON OF DAMAGE.
Have a good day!
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ-oWkpMnHjTJpeOOlD80OA