KLU - Lumidelic & Skua - Hope for Tomorrow Mark & Lukas Remix Music Video] Emergent Shores]

I think I dont need to introduce Mark & Lukas to you, guys. ;) Class all the way! One of my favorite producers ever :) --- Label mainstays and management team members Lumidelic & Skua have teamed up to create a lush pair of original tracks for their first collaborative release on Emergent Shores. “Echoes of you” and “Hope for tomorrow” both push the dynamic duo’s trademark sounds, blending gorgeous melodies with emotive atmospherics and most of all, positive energy; creating a stunning foundation for this EP. However, that’s not all for this package! We are incredibly excited to welcome Progressive House royalty to our imprint in the form of Universal Solution, an artist who will need no introduction to fans of the genre through his...

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James F... Beautiful track and video!
Don Dig... now we are talking
Bektai ... Is it norway, anyway this song s GREAT!
Cwilas ... This music is amazing i love your trance. Mega chill
Victori... This song make my day?
arnadda... Who’s making these beautiful songs ? I want the name ??
Belu Da... Purity and hope, amazing track!!
AL Nass... ⭕️ wonderful ⭕️
Kprcrn ... ?????
Kiriako... Οι εικόνες στο βίντεο είναι υπέροχες όμως κλείσε τα μάτια σου και φτιάξε τις δικές σου εικόνες ακούγοντας την υπέροχη μελωδία του κομματιού και ταξίδεψε μέσα από αυτήν... ❤️❤️❤️???️?Γιατί αυτό είναι η μουσική ένα υπέροχο ταξίδι

???????... ?????????
Jason F... I am belong to a Galaxy where I can listen to this kind of music all day all night long
2babu2... Mark & Lukas = the best. <3
jet jet... merci de france
paragua... Hermoso
Swansgi... what a amazing tune. on the beach or on the plane. dreaming away.
Elie Je... I'm on it KLU!
Chris... Great song and an awesome video to go with it. The videos really do add just a little something extra ?
Jason O... Amazing music, sounds similar to B&G and Maiga! Anyways KLU, do you have the original video link? I really want to check what equipment is used in the video, I have the urge to ask the owner lol.
Lisette... Another great track! You have to listen first "Sunset Moments - Time Passes By""  and then this track!  It belongs to each other
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCggxLgpWDImUHXB-KQNkXBw