Forza Horizon 3 - Xbox One S vs Xbox One X - 1080p Graphics Comparison

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MotoGam... We want to make things clear: this is NOT a comparison of 1080p vs 4k after the update. This is a comparison that shows the differences after the update but when still played with 1080p display. The main differences we have spotted are anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, better reflections and weirdly, darker lightning.
Luis Fz... Useless xbox and iphone collaboration xD
Hondas2... Not enough of a difference for me to spend double the money. X box 1 s is just as good and is less powerful. SAVE YOUR $$$
halofor... I played on the original Xbox One for 2 years, then I put 2 years into the S, and now I have about 4 months into the One X and I will tell you that the difference is day and night, especially on a 4k tv. Everything loads faster, I have only had the framerate stutter onces, it is quieter, the textures are better, motion looks better, etc. If you don't have a 4k tv, it probably isn't worth it. If you do, I recommend this and the PS4 as they both blow their respective regular models out of the water.
Greenwo... so what should you buy?
Maxwell... Fuck my X I still love my S
Alec Ba... Guys it looks a lot different irl. You just can't see because YouTube messes it up, but if you saw irl, you would see a difference.
Pedro H... X box one s ??
Tyson D... idk honestly i find FH3 didnt have that good of graphics compared to other games. it just looks really cartoon like and i find FH1 had better graphics
LATVIAN... I like the One S more

And I have it but all I like in the One X that's better is the car's color.

_Fruz... I dont understand how are you able to get to the exact place with 2 different consoles?
Antony ... Played it on both the one s and the one x. (4k tv)

Yes the x does look slightly better, but honestly it's not that noticable unless you look at them side by side. Not worth the extra money imo, but if there's a sale on maybe grab the x.
MrEmar2... Ok but x cost like 2. It makes graphics only Little bit better.
EasyDan... You have to see an in person difference to really judge, I’ve had a one s for over a year and I had great picture. I played on an old Samsung 1080p lcd tv at 120htz. But I recently got a one x and upgraded to a 2018 Samsung 4K 120htz hdr10 tv and let me tell you. There IS a huge difference even at 1080p on the x. It’s substantial.
Jedi Lu... I don't see the $500 Difference...
Kaweesh... In order to spot the real difference there should be a TV of 4k with HDR
Rem eik... Well, who is better xbox one? our xbox one S ?
R Y L ?... Yo tengo la xbox one negrita xd
Gavin B... It just looks darker on the X. Xd
GuceQ... X has slightly better details