Marbozir - Darkwood Top Down Survival Horror Part 1 Livestream Gameplay]

Lets Play some Darkwood! This is Darkwood gameplay recorded during a livestream (on YouTube with a few cuts and edits). Darkwood is a top down survival horror game that doesnt rely on jump scares. Scavenge, explore the sinister woods and do your best to survive. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like! Darkwood on Steam: Darkwood Official Website: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch

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Citric ... I watched Helloween play this first - it's going to be so neat to see what you'll do differently! You're very different Let's Players.
TenEigh... The Game: It's pitch black, I need a light source.
Marbs (15 sec later): Hey, I was reading that!! (10 sec after that) Man, I can't see anything around here.
All you need now are a few evil teenagers sneaking into a cabin to get it on and you got yourself a 1990's horror flick.
Th0rn T... I always expected Marb to have a long lush beard.
Christi... NOOOOOOO facecammmmmmmmmmmm the mistery has been broken :(
Milambe... well from the other persons that i know that played it you will be the first that i will watch it, so no spoilers! and this is the type of game where i go looking for the key to highlight items on the map anyway good luck
Donkey ... Marbs do you enjoy this game? Doesn't seem like your wheel house, but I like it on channel. Same as your skyrim LP! I'm a 4 digit sub!
Donkey ... Yeah I asked about this last week cuz mr. Odd was doing it can't wait for Marbs !
Kyranth... >nothing interesting so far here
Right as he walks past an entrance ...,
You also missed a backpack, a chest, other lootable objects by walking past and ignoring them.

Slow down. Look around. Hover over stuff that looks interesting.
CloudWa... Thanks for uploading livestream stuff, its awesome !
The pro... I just can’t stop looking at your face I don’t know why
justbes... Marbz variety streamer
SIERRA0... it is a bit disturbing
John No... That generator click is super annoying.
lin ko... Looks good. Will follow your LP
spectra... It's nice seeing you Marbozir. I must say, based on your voice alone I've imagined you older lol
LV427... Well this game is made by Polish developer and set in Poland during the Cold War
John Sm... Have you played Doki Doki Literature Club?
Dekan... Yay, mtchell and webb reference
Mert Ba... great game hope you continue it
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