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Tiberium Crisis Red Alert 2 Epilogue GDI Mission 2, Desperate Hours

Martinoz - Red Alert 2 & Doom Channel »
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Tiberium Crisis mod for C&C Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge. This is a total conversion with tons of new graphics. Mission Desperate Hours in the GDI Campaign. Including the stuff we know from Tiberium Wars and the Kanes Wrath. Yuris Revenge is an expansion pack for C&C Red Alert 2, released in the October 2001. It contains 7 missions for both Soviets and the Allies, its focused around time travelling back in time to stop Yuris secret plan of...
Martino...The continuation of the previous mission where we played as the Scrin invasion force, but this time we are the GDI that has to defend the Washington DC. GDI realized that the Scrin they fought years ago, were just a small scout party that had to investigate harvesting conditions for the Scrin. The Invaders came back, and they are really angry that all but one Threshold Towers were destroyed on Earth by the GDI in the Red Zones. The situation is rather helpless but you must take command of the RAID and defend the White House till the arrival of the GDI Support Class. Once you get the Crawler online, quickly deploy it and focus first on the Cranes with Refineries to grant a fast build speed and quite good economy. Then concentrate on building the GDI Armory and the Tech Lab to get the very important upgrades that you will need in the later stages of this defence mission. The most important upgrades by far is that the most expensive one, firepower for your Mammoths, then you can get Hardpoints for your Orcas/Firehawks and other stuff. Once you get the economy pumping in your first base, relocate your Crawler to one of the GDI forward bases and deploy it together with Refinery and Cranes. Cranes are needed to provide a permanent repair for your and allied units in proximity, very hand when there are few of them near your units. The best option is to pump Mastodon, GDI Commando and the Mammoths to block the entrance to the GDI forward base against incoming Scrin invaders, remember about Cranes. The Firehawks/Orcas might be very handy when Scrin attack the second forward base, but use them mostly against alone Tripods that can't strike back. With the mission's progress Scrin will send two elite Hexapods, focus fire on them and the mission becomes much easier, nothing more dangerous is going to happen. You don't need an Ion Cannon in this mission for sure, and watch out for your Harvesters as always that tend to block nearby the Refineries to unload Tiberium.

Tiberium Crisis - http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-crisis
Download - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nxjGaScwKSPb93kBCeAKfknKr6UO-ZyH/view
XWIS - http://xwis.net/
Installation Manual - https://pastebin.com/B3EEae0Y
General...Where is Epilogue GDI Mission 1 ?
Dionisi...i download this after i extract to ra2 yr file i click yuri game and said error please reinstall how can i fix it?
MicroQu...So does this mean epilogue missions are not a set of mission unique to each faction but standalone ones?
VaciliN...Heya, whats the word on the Foehn Campaign? :3
Namoth...its sucha shame how EA drove the story in the ip they bought to be so incredible contrived..wich just gets more obvious when even re-makeing moods like these makes a better slap assed progression of the story then the tiberium wars 3+ did :/
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0CjzS9F2-rt6R2HyNlnzw