AdikTheOne - Agents of SHIELD 5x11 | Shocking moment Reactions Compilation

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Matt Ng... Was not expecting it that soon.
???... Please do a FitzSimmons wedding reactions compilation! That would be beautiful!
Camilo ... Best comic book TV show ever! :D
Angel C... It‘s hilarious how all these people are covering their mouths with both hands while Yoyo has none XD
Ferran ... Please make a Try not to laught like the old ones, like number 1 or 2.. That was funny not the actuals...
Nerdist... Thanks for including me, Adik! Such an honor being in there with people I looked up to and inspired me to open up my own channel!
classic... That moment I very shock ?
Alexand... So Flash once broke time, then Legends broke it, now SHIELD, dang lets say " WAY TO GO GUYS"
Liam Du... Hey that's me! Thanks for making this, such a crazy moment.
poverty... i don't watch the show, someone tell me why its so sad and shocking?

Ethém ... I know she'll get bionic arms like Coulson and Klaw but WTF?! Was that really necessary?
James M... I was hoping someone would do this!!! Thanks so much!!!
TheHapp... Well that's one handy weapon.
jockado... Nope. That wasn't comforting at all. :(
ET5920... The funny thing is, they already changed the future. In one of the earlier episodes it shows the past of May raising Robin, in it, it shows Yo-Yo with both arms with a weapon and hints to her attempting to kill Kasius after we assume is Macks death. Therefore they have broken the cycle already
Bete Li... WTF!? Why?! ???????
Javi Ma... "Marvel is for children"
BrownTo... This is the best comicbook show
Farhan ... It was shocking because it came too early. Thanks for the compilation
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