Gravel Demo Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione Gameplay PS4 Pro

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5:01 - Replay

Frozen Peak - Mont Blanc - Long Layout

PlayStation 4 Pro 1080p Gameplay



BWX...Looks like the kind of racing game you'd play at a party with a bunch of drunk people.
MrShran...seems like unreal engine 4 kinda pathetic?
FalconG...Graphics are X360-like, but that's expected from a new game to enter the popular roster of this gen's giants like DiRT and WRC
Lucas V...Training +
Mpamphs...At last a great arcade game it's time to stop sims for a while
Phantas...I didn't see the demo up on the PS4. I did get it for the XBox One X and its great though. It definitely makes me want to buy the full game.
Ka?an S...Arcade ?
mazi292...Grafika z ery PS3
Crabby ...Where is the mirror if there is no back mirror this game is **++**!?
???????...If you remove all assists the handling is decent-ish