Marbozir - Abandon Ship Capturing Cult Command Ship Abandon Ship Gameplay 12

Lets Play some Abandon Ship! In Abandon Ship, you take command of a ship and her crew, explore the world and engage in tactical ship combat. Abandon Ship is game focused on Age of Sail fantasy setting, with real-time pausable gameplay. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like and subscribe for more! Abandon Ship on Steam: Abandon Ship Website: Subscribe for daily videos! - Support me on Patreon! - Join my Discord server to chat! - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Twitch -

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Milambe... Yea i recommend selling your food as long as you don’t fasttravel you have enough with 30
Tyra li... Welcome to: "The Marathon Man!"
JoshuaG... Plays Yakety Sax while the navigator runs
Red 7... look at the sybols on the cannons marbs the tackaler went on the crew killing spot
Weston ... Marbs the series is great, you just can't help boarding with your navigator can you?
lin ko... Trust Marbs to come up with "meta-tactics" 6:20
wjhung2... LOL..."This is pretty funny." (as the navigator runs for his life)..."Why can't we board them?" (as the navigator runs for his life).
Casey R... MVP Navigator, got bored piloting the ship and decided to go for a jog. I burst out laughing as soon as you sent him over solo and it only got better from there!
Borisla... Don''t ram ships with spikes, that way your hull receives damage as well
James Y... Waiting on my dose of stellaris.

Deluded... That pro kiting! The Navigator's kiting skill should have leveled up from that!

In future no need to focus on destroying their sails, just send someone over to kite the enemy crew so they don't repair anything!
stars n... all that chase on the command vessel needed is the benny hill theme :p
Eryk Cz... You can have more then 4 experience on crew members, but only in their specialty, so you need to hire gunners for 5 in reloading.
napoleo... sell some food you have tons of food
Foivos ... Hi Marb, I really enjoy the series! THanks for covering this. One comment, I see you usually ram ships with spikes without reason, which is not very cost efficient. Check this out! Cheers
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