klaudiia - document your life / february 2018

this month i: finished my exams, made a banana bread, read three books, ate a lot, went to a booktalk about a book i havent even read yet, watched a lot of kdrama, listened to cavetown almost 24/7, fangirl about how much i love svt and ate a lot this moth my friends: were cute af as always more about Document Your Life project: https://goo.gl/Pxolc3 2016 DYL: https://goo.gl/IRM8Aa 2017 DYL: https://goo.gl/xBs7Hd filmed on iPhone 5s and Sony Alpha a5000 editing software: Windows Movie Maker apps used: camcorder, 8mm social media: blog: http://odczytaj.tumblr.com/ bookstagram: https://goo.gl/TCF0vJ goodreads: https://goo.gl/kVsMf4 twitter: https://goo.gl/NsVW4v
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGgg68w3eypgOhtwtbIg25Q