Summer Music Mix 2018 Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Martin Garrix, Justin Bieber & Dua Lipa Style

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Jimmy Song

Harschis Life


Aditya Sindhunata

Merr Watson

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The Chainsmokers
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Ali Dem... Model Name pls !!! Who is it ...
John An... Lo mejor es las mujeres sexy del baile fan alegría
Nicolet... 38:00?
Danish ... HI I WANT TO KISS
vee jun... Bububebe
Tropica... Amazing!
Second ... Sunny
zomuanp... wow the pool <)
Charles... You all need to make a Pandora channel!
Esteban... songs are very good to enjoy a lot
Gaston ... Guys I swear I just got free $7092 real money from this amazing website: (just go to)=>
SAD DO ... 1:03:56? Song?
Raghwen... What is the place @14:36.....?
Tóth G... Anyone noticed the "unplug from windows" sound at 7:59 ? It might be part of the music but I immediately caught that sound
Smeek ... vaya mierda
DJatre... Check out the new mix on my page !
Dannge ... i love this mix
TroniC... When you wait for summer and at the end It 'Hot Vibed'
Greetings from turkey!