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Jairo P... Ill get this to a billion views
Jairo P... Just a way for me to let go
Crazy how no one want to show
How easy it is for us to grow
For us to glow in this moment so golden
Boris V... pedazo de beat
Gage Ke... Nick mira rip off
Ants Ab... Smoking that herbal
Bare ganja so I don’t need to burgle
There like ants life is internal
It’s the spiritual criminal
Fuck all them subliminal
Getting licked off the medicinal
Ants Ab... There like “Ant can u regain that order”
I got no love for an informer
Semi loco moving out of order
Quick like a Mexican over the border
Daddies protect ur daughter
I could leave you in a ditch with no water
Big pum pum I slaughter
Ants Ab... Hit them with violence
Crash down like thunder & lightning
Heard he don’t like me
Well I don’t like him
Semi crazy moving like Viking
Smoking that trident
magic f... Is this free
EDDY.H2... Hola, está a la venta ?, la puedo ocupar?
Nick Wa... Destructive apppetie eat brain matter guts will splatter from a bat or a pipe or whatever the fuck 7 severed heads of state in the bed if the truck, you faggots forever featherweight, demonstrate and destruct
I know ... This is reality
Bad people taking over causing fatalities
Tally up the dead bodies upon thee
All they care about is the money and the hotties
Thinking they're that the shit
But they ain't on the potty
All these people want is the clitoris
It's ridiculous
With their riches and shit
I'm super sick of it
You better think of the crimes you will commit
Limit it and not give a fit you pieces of chicken shit
These are real facts that you need to get your life back on track
You go to jail for that I'm going to laugh at that
E-X-plosive, e-X-treme, e-X-it, R.I.P Triple X
Maybe you'll expect you'll end up dead next
And be down in hell next cause you thought you were the best
If you think about making more crimes
Give it a rest.
Ro Lu... Magnifique instru''
David C... Spent all the cash in my left pocket
Wallet looks anorexic.
So please stop itmischevious monsta misfit rocking like i got a death wish
Low gears high rev almost knockin red hot how far should i test this
Till the engine burst hitting all these curves till the boy is sweating
Curb rash on the enkeys ignition empty
85 drift it swiftly Round about cam about but i think you missed me
feelin tipsy steady tripping
Do you know what im about
Feel the breeze in the 913
816 now im free
Feds were lookin at me
Galaxy whip night camo
cant see a thing
Got the 45 with ammo
If a bitch decide to run up on me
Tell that sucka blammo
When im Making banger sounds
Got suppor from all who love me
Look around Roll in town
Cop a pound of the mushies
Motherfuckers lookin Clumsy
Dumb and numbimg
Out the pain
Lost the train
At the station
Make it rain
Trip on planes
Vibration elevated
Level up on a hata
Ya im bout the new me
Bout whips and tom foolery
No one foolin me
Full of myself
Write it on my eulogy
Shits good for my health
Heart burst energy
Never ending me
Out past infinity
My enimies
Get hit with the folded steelstuck in an older wheel
chair Guts erupt and lie for all to stare
The air is filled with toxic venom and no one really cares
Thats why im glad i was born a god so i can dissapear
Create a new universe where you are first rich fucks better listen clear
Coming up to silence violence and all the fear
Remind me if why i write this when the end is near
When the end is near
Mental ... How much for this beat
Hans... It's free use ?
Michael... can this be bought?
98josep... This beat is stuuuuuupid fire bro ima spit to this non profit I'll send the link.
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtSFjq5JDop8IJzC3ea1DRw