Radex - My Summer Car Story 34 Stealing slot machine Exit from prison

Stealing slot machine Exit from prison My Summer Car Story. ► MSC FB Group: join now :) ✔ ► Help in translating into other languages: ✔ My Summer Car is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine. ► Facebook: ✔ ► Twitter: ✔ ► Instagram: ✔ If you like it leave a thumb up and subscribe. If you have an idea for a video series please let me know guys in the comments section. Your feedback is very valuable to me! ►Mods: ✔ ►My Save Game: ✔ ►if you like my work, able buy me a coffee :) : ✔ Music by NoCopyrightSounds (

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Skappee... 2:42 How did you get that game from the bar?
Bartek ... Co to za mod powiesz plis
Baigta ... you can new save game plz
Polski ... Dasz save z elektryką ?
IX & XY... Radex Ty jesteś Polakiem?
Spaz... Man i love your intro is it made by you cause i really wanna make a intro like yours.
volkan ... Radex my summer car save game
MateusZ... Hello my nice
Mr. Mul... a co to jest inwentory ?(tam co ci pisze )?
Mr. Mul... Nice !????
mr. min... elo radex faine odcinki na grywas i ja je lobie ??
five ni... I was on the toilet when I farted and it sounds like a Satsuma idling
five ni... Cool video
matix... 2:40 jaki to mod ze mozesz brac rozne rzeczy?
Jozef S... ja slovakia

it was worth it
arturo... radex jak zamoNtowac teN obrotomiez jak u cb?
KAcper ... Ah te sebiksy
NiEMiEC... Juz nie mialem vo ogladac xD
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