Surviving Mars Lets Play MARSGATE: AN ATTACK FROM EARTH 315% Difficulty Part 10 TWITCH VOD

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Welcome to part 10 of Surviving Mars Lets Play! (gameplay footage originally recorded on my Twitch livestreams). Playing with the India sponsor, Astrogeologist commander in a location with steep terrain, which results in 315% difficulty. Surviving Mars is a sci-fi city builder game about colonizing Mars and surviving the process.

Surviving Mars on Steam:

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KayAndr... Lol, the X-Files music was hilarious!
FireIvo... +
Anon Vi... 5:58 Lock and load.
12:10 ...that's the meteor defense range.
16:41 Hostilities commenced.
23:03 This is why the Mystery is rated as hard.
31:23 F.
39:40 Weapons acquired.
Jamie B... Megadome name nomination "Bollywood Thunder Dome"
Jamie B... Marbs, you were gone for a very long time...glad you made it back!