{TLK4} Shani Seven Years Old

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OwO whats dis?
-Has anyone noticed that I changed channels name?-
Hi, guys!
Its me again QwQ. Yea, today I bring you that shitty Vegas test that Ive made out of boredom. I recolored Kiara (oh evil meee) to make her look like her fanmade daughter Shani. I am the original creator of that design, if you want to see her original design click the link on the bottom.
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What is Animash You May Ask

"Animash" is originated from two words, "Animation" and "Mashup". An Animash video is a type of fan-made music videos (FMVs), edited using animated clips from various sources (movies, TV shows, and more), although in this case, most "Animashers" (Animash MV Editors) preferred using footages from animal animated movies by Disney, Dreamworks and more.

When watching an Animash MV, youll find various animal animated clips played along with a track of audio, oftenly music. But there are also Animashersthat did not just use animal animated movies, but also use human animated movies as footages.

Some Animashers like to make "Crossovers" in an Animash video. With these, they take two or more characters from different footage source, and editing it to make it look like as if they are with in the scene at the same time. This might turn out to be something original and creative as well.

A lot of Animashers likes to edit Animashes with different kinds of music in their videos. From Pop, Rock, Jazz, Rap..you name it! There are also Animashers who like to edit with other-languaged music, or even Instrumentals. Some might also edit with other kinds of audio, like quotes only.

Some people might mean that an Animash could be a video with everything animal-related from any footages, either "live-action" or "animated" together. This is technically not an Animash. If there is a FMV with live-action footages edited together with animated footages, it then becomes refered to as a "multifandom" FMV.
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This is NOT an official TLK4 stuff. Its an AU that Im working on.
Please do not reupload it.
Shanis design: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Broken-Inside-675202046
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTLiNGAl7mKWQfpRPPnwMQ