Marbozir - Civilization 5 Lets Play America Vox Populi Part 9

Were playing Civilization 5 Brave New World as America! Playing with Vox Populi, which is a total conversion mod for Civ 5. How to Install Civilization 5 Vox Populi mod: Civilization 5 on Steam: If you enjoyed the video, subscribe for more videos just like this one! Subscribe for daily videos! - Support me on Patreon! - Join my Discord server to chat! - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Twitch -

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JamesBo... It seems you haven't noticed minuteman ignore terrain cost because you should have shot with that minuteman at the cannon.
Scott F... +25 GAP, +25 Science, +25 Culture, +75 Faith

Vincent... I think Pocatello's gone insane after living in fear of Shaka so long :D
Tomas P... This was all planned, it was meant to be this way
Dennis ... Place a permanent inquisitor in Te-Moak to prevent all religious spread
cripple... I'm really liking the Vox Populi lets plays more than the Civ VI lets plays.
clearsp... This has been one of my favourite games so far. Constant warfare and a Shaka that may yet win.
stars n... oh how the turn tables...
Deluded... Instead of the British, it seems that it's the Swedes that are fighting the War of Independence.
Reffie2... I'm cheering for Shaka, but don't tell Marbozir.

matrixu... Splash damage @7:09. What’s that about?
Metatro... If you are back from vacation and this game is still going on, please check your cities a little bit. There are so many missing tile improvements. Like the mine directly west of New York which would be a great boost for the city. Or when you had unimproved grassland tiles near Te-Moak but still used your great Scientist on an improved tile. In earlier play throughs I was impressed with your attention to detail so I'd like if you focused a little bit more on that again.
bjartek... Pretty good yields from this war so far.
Mr_Nice... If Sweden has the capacity to keep making their unique units you'll likely just end up in a stalemate unless you make more units yourself. That will be difficult without more Armories/Citadels as you're near unit capacity already without war weariness lowering it. You'll need more than 2 cannons to take a city with a Castle + Order + garrison and 50% more bombardment damage from the pantheon. Looking forward to how you plan the offensive though. Sweden is absolute hell to go to war with in any Era.
Momir Z... Great war(s), Marbz. You have to make some gains from all this wars to have slight chance.
Humphre... I was about to study my TOEFL when I saw Marb's new video update. OK! That can wait!!
Yi?it D... 0:56 this was definitely the best quote of this series
Felix M... You have a really lucky spy... Usually 1 to 2 techs then they get killed or captured... xDD
Brikkwa... Getting insane amounts of faith from Authority, compared to what you generate
LifeDen... Hahahahaha. "It was at this moment he knew he fucked up."-Marbz quote of the year
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