MotoGamesTV - Forza Motorsport 7 vs Gran Turismo Sport Nissan Skyline GT R V spec II R34 at Brands Hatch GP

Car, Track, Graphics, Sound, Physics Comparison Forza Motorsport 7 played on Xbox One X. Gran Turismo Sport played on PlayStation 4 Pro. MotoGamesTV

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ETTI - ... the sun does not reflect on the trees in forza ?
Gabriel... Forza 7 sounds is terrible kkkkk
Daft Pu... Every car in forza with stock parts sounds like a race car ?
Lindemb... Why in forza the driver don't turn steering wheel to do same curves with same car?
???????... arcade game VS REAL LIFE
Richár... Forza is better ??
Keplero... I wonder why there are so many people that say GT Sport is better, yet there are still salty fanboys that keep saying Forza 7 is a good game and GT Sport isn't.
The Sad... Why Forza 7 is so goddamn Dark?
Looks wierd;;;
Markus ... Opinion without all the stupid fanboyism of those who calims "one is absolutely better than the other" (specially GT fanboys)
Graphics: a very close like-to-like in this comparison, with some slight things better that the other in each one.
(example: dirt and dust effect in Forza 7, birds and helicopters flying on stage, slightly better trees and lighting in GT Sport)
Sound: Neither... Forza 7 too loud, GT Sport too muted (as if you were driving with cotton in your ears)

Kurosak... GT Sport wins, Forza 7 shitted the sound of the R34... Sounded better by far on Horizon 2
HydroBa... I enjoy the realistic taillights in GTSport. So detailed
kseries... GT Sport needs more work on their sounds.
Armin S... Gt sport win ???
buy me ... Im not a "fanboy" of any of these games but..

GT Sport Wins ??
Hinds H... GT FANS
Give a like
Julio O... Assetto corsa the best simulator
energys... Ja w każdym samochodzie odsuwam tą kamerę wewnątrz jak najdalej od szyby. Wtedy wygląda i jedzie się najlepiej ?
Jason w... That's a nice V8 R34 in forza
The Lan... Forza cockpit view is better, but GT wins
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