Black Xbox Original Backward Compatibile Xbox One X Gameplay Mission 2

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Heres the second mission walkthrough of awesome Black - shooter game created by Criterion Games and released back in 2006 for Original Xbox. Now available on Xbox One vie Backward Compatibility.


Aublak... An AK with a left sided ejection port?
budarod... This was totally incredible for that time, the lights and shadows, the phisics and the destruction of enviroment, just insane, the best part, the prison for sure, what u think cycu.?
budarod... One of the best levels of this Game but kind of nonsense they dont hear the bullets in the forest at the begining
SKYLER ... I hope midnightclub 2 and grand turrismo 4 can be playable soon
João P... It's really hard to buy the digital version of this game to play on the X.
Mr Glas... I can't believe how great these old games look on the X.