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Welcome to Frostpunk gameplay with the full 1.0 version! Frostpunk is a game of society survival in a harsh, frozen world. Developed by 11 bit studios - the makers of This War of Mine, Frostpunk is a game that will have you making tough decisions, establishing laws, maintaining hope and challenging your tactical skills, while questioning your morality. In this video, Im playing Frostpunk 1.0 build!

My Frostpunk videos with the pre-release press demo build (first 10 days):

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Jesse F... I forgot you adopted the "skip nothing happening" parts of the video. I think it does make the video more concise but then I do feel like I missed something even though I know I did not miss anything...
lifemet... dis kontent
Bradley... Foods that contain saw dust.
tomato sauce
salad dressings
ice cream bars
whole wheat bread
granola bars
packaged cookies
frozen breakfast sandwiches
frozen diet entrees
breakfast cereal
veggie burgers
boxed cake mix
Worcestershire sauce
Hot sauce
Frozen filled pasta ( like ravioli )
Packaged fruit cups
Corn tortillas
Flour tortillas
Vegetarian soy-based “meats”
Frozen pizza
Sour cream
Flavored coffee syrups
Cheese spreads and dips
Dried soup mixes
Packaged cupcakes
Frozen breaded fish
Frozen pie crusts/potpies
Coffee creamer
MacroMi... Wait I'm confused, why would they build the generator in the frozen north if there trying to escape the cold.
Samuel ... Why the fuck they went north during ice age. Error 404 logic not found.
vcwchen... love this game, been waiting so long, thank you marboziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Deivil0... omg it's here the wait is finally oveeerrrrr
Jacob... This game is so cool! ;)
Drowned... Where I live, it's supposed to be spring. But just last weekend we got snowed under, and there's still snow on the ground now. Appropriate timing for a new Frostpunk video!
Kelly W... Yeah! I've been waiting for this series since you did the 3 installment preview series. Soooo excited to this. Thank you
Anon Vi... This game doesn't have fantasy elements, right?
SUN SU... "No I don't want my engineers to get sick. Now go dig more coal you little buggers!"
Aliasal... This game is clearly biased against soup! Soup is good!
Ayrat K... You need a cook house to prepare food Russians.
Daniel ... Nice!!
bjartek... Great video. What an excellent intro to the game
komando... Oh crap. I`m waiting for my own copy arriving around release date - not watching yet... ;)
Handle ... Nice timing - this has been published on the hottest April day in London since 1949 :). Good luck with the series on the channel
cybermb... It's pretty funny to hear Marbs saying "book of laws" and it sounds like "book of lols" :)
JuliusD... Awesome!