OP Fortnite - NEW LIGHT MACHINE GUN IS OP Fortnite Funny and OP Moments

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Fortnit... ON 2:14 its Jasonr - twitch.tv/jasonr. Sorry for mistake
Marc St... Nobody use it now.
Nemesis... The MG is just like the minigun
Jj sup... Ninja gay
Aosmik ... Op
YTAirhe... F u taking clips without permission then monetizing the video and earning money off them. Even if you put it in the description still bad.
Eleni D... omg a real meteor fuck clickbaits
Tommi K... Every gun is op at the start. first everyone said that minigun is broken and too good.. And who the fuck uses minigun.. Nobody. Cuz its trash. As well as the guided missile you can counter that easily.. but why did they remove it? CUZ THERE IS SO MANY NOOB KIDDOS WHO CANT PLAY
Anthony... Ninja is the biggest cry baby sometimes
Kareem ... It’s not op. If you feel that you may not be that good

Sc0peTF... Its not that op
BufABuf... To anyone getting misled by this click bait ass video, the LMG is actually serious fucking trash
Chris C... It’s not op and I really hope they don’t change it and ruin it like they do everything else’s pleas epic don’t ruin this one
GustavB... 201th
PAID in... That crossbow shot was sweet. Put some of my clips in I could use the hits ??
NST Bio... My dude at 5:40 got some rhythmic-ass shots bruh.
Aaron T... Can't wait for them to take it out?
Brillia... 5:40 listen to his gun
muhamma... negev??
SomeDud... The comet sound is just a spectrograph of the take the l dance
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