HOT! 1929 Foxtrot: Henryk Gold Orch. Nie kładź palca! Dont Put Your Finger /In the Door!

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Orkiestra Henryka Golda - Nie kładź palca (między drzwi) [Put Not Your Finger /In The Door] Fokstrot z rewii “1000 pięknych dziewcząt” (from Morskie Oko revue: A Thousand Beautiful Girls), Muz. Kazimierz Oberfeld, Syrena-Electro 1929 (Polish)

NOTE: This Polish title is a proverb meaning in Polish: Don’t put your finger in the door /or you’ll slam it. English equivalent of this saying would be: Put not your hand between the rind and the tree; don’t put all eggs in one basket; don’t interfere in quarrel between the husband and the wife, or simply: don’t play with fire/ it burns. This hot foxtrot was one of a bunch of crazy foxtrots, shimmies and charlestons composed in the 2nd half of the 1920s by a young composer from Warsaw, Kazimierz Oberfeld. Many of his compositions – such as “Twoja żona tańczy charlestona” (Your Wife Dances Charleston), “Klejnoty” (Bijoux), “Gdy mrok zapada” (When the Dusk Falls), Nie kładź palca między drzwi (Don’t Put Your Finger In The Door) or “Ja to robię z nonszalancją” (I’m Doin’ It In A Nonchalant Way) were willingly presented on stages of the Jazz Age Warsaw cabarets and became the hits, yet Kazimierz Oberfeld was in the same time selling them under French titles to the theatres in Paris. For some reason, neither French nor Polish theatre owners did not complain about it and Oberfeld (who in Paris used the pseudonym Casimir Georges Oberfeld or Georges Grandchamp) was successfully composing and selling many fabulous hits sometimes in Warsaw, as the Polish hits or sometimes in Paris, where many of his songs were sung and recorded by French cabaret and variete stars (Mistinguett, Josephine Baker or Lucienne Boyer). He became famous both in Warsaw and in Paris, he signed contract with the most influential French music editor Editions Salabert and wrote music for the French movies. In 1939 Kazimierz Oberfeld became member of the French song authors’ organization SACEM. In 1940, when Germans invaded France, Oberfeld traveled to the Vichy zone and stayed for some time in Marseille, trying to get on a ship going to USA. Denounced by his French neighbours and arrested by the French police he was transported to Gestapo and later on to Auschwitz. He managed to survive almost until the end of the 2nd WW - he died in Auschwitz in January 1945.

The slideshow is made from some Polish advertising posters from the 1920s


1920sfa... Gold in great form and the result is flowing gold :-) A truly sensational foxtrot, so peppy and sparkling. At the same time, the orchestration is smashing, presenting so many delicate touches by both the piano and the violin, the particularly extensive percussion section... I loved this! Last but not least, your presentation of period advertisements was great.
franka ... Fajna orkiestra!! Gra jak się patrzy...!!!
Cellulo... Ah, twenties jazz, Polish style. Nice sounding recording. Thanks for uploading.
Oliver ... Super!! :) Orkiestra Golda gra cudownie na styl amerykański! :) długo czekałem aż w końcu się gdzieś pojawi to nagranie. Dzięki!!! :)
Micha? ... Wspaniałe, a tutaj wersja Tadeusza Faliszewskiego :)
A. Diet... Na klasse, genau ein Song für das schöne Wetter und den Frühling. Dieses Orchester macht einfach Spaß beim Zuhören und die Qualität ist wirklich großartig. Mr. Oberfeld war ja ein richtiges Schlitzohr und sehr geschâftstüchtig . Aber wenn jemand so tolle Melodien schreibt, gönne ich ihm das von Herzen!
Bis hierher musste ich ja grinsen, dann habe ich geweint. Der arme Kerl! Mein Vater hat Gott sei Dank mehr Glück gehabt, er konnte von den Amerikanern aus einem anderen KZ befreit werden. Wenn auch als gebrochenen Mann. Natürlich. Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Beitrag! Liebe Grüße von Dieter.
Andre N... Nostalgic
Alex Mc... Some wonderful Deco posters! Magic..
David H... Another example of Henryk Gold's wonderful orchestration. Splendid period Polish posters. My favorite is the advertisement for the Polish car at 2:22.