ZURU New Shnooks • Series 2! • Candy Scented!

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ZURU - New Shnooks • Series 2! • Candy Scented!

The Shnooks magic Shnubble-bubble pack means they go from Bubble to Best Friend. This is a unique vacuum bubble that when opened means Shnooks MAGICALLY GROW 8X THEIR SIZE! Kids love opening toys as much as playing. This is the magic of the Shnooks. They come to life from their shnubble-bubble, simply shake then style and play with your new best friend. Shnooks are here to Shnook after you! Burst her from her bubble, shake and then style! Each Shnook has a special way of shnooking after you and comes with a special Shnook brush, friendship hairclip and cute hair-ties! There are a variety of styles available for this product and the final product is picked at random. We are unable to accept requests for a particular style. One toy per pack

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Elisave... cool
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