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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 vs Black Ops 3 Specialists Model Comparison

Cycu1 »
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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will focus on Specialists with unique abilities.
4 of the Specialists will return from Black Ops 3. Lets have a look how character models are different between the games.

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usa vs ...Why did they take reaper out. Reaper was my favorite. That’s terrible why would they do that
Drew Gl...Black ops 3 is better than 4
Life is...So if BO4 is a prequel.. How does Torque go from human to robot???? Is this something like Robocop, and they just put his brain and organs in a robot suit??
Red Rav...Bo3 squad
Ezny...wow they are really pissing on their already dying player base, huh?

> Recycling the same game but getting rid of jetpacks
> graphics downgrade
> no campaign
> trying to cash in on the battle royale genre
> 99% sure it will still have slot machine microtransactions.

fuck this game and fuck cod developers.
Bjorn S...black ops 3 looks a lot better
wittler...Bo3 looks more realistic
Brandon...Guys don’t you think bo3 graphics are still better. I’m upset about bo4 graphics
Jon P...Reaper was the coolest of all the specialist an they scrapped him for that shite looking Torque guy.
It’s ...Is black ops 3 better then black ops 4
Nugglez...I'm surprised outrider was a male before 2080 wow
Nicolá...Es el mismo juego nada más que ahora tiene un 4 jajajaja no cambio pero ni las armas no lo compró me voy con Battlefield 5
Twisted...Bo4 looks like shit I am not looking forward to buying it.Even if it is still a work in process I still dislike it
Gran tr...black ops 2.5
HENRYFA...BO3 is better. 4 is trash asf
Cjak...How is torque reaper?
Zory xD...Ok bo3 is better
Liam Mc...Is it me or does black opps 3 look way better lol ? ?
Tania G...Black ops 4 looks more militaristic than black ops 3 I like the black ops 3 style better because they found the perfect balance between militaristic and and futuristic
se7enX8...Black Ops 4 looks worse than BO3 LMFAO this game was made in a year and its so obvious;.
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD3rfp47a3xZuqHhllcIvIA