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Isaiahb... Sexy video
Stop Cl... Ooga booga boggaa
Elijah ... It sucks
Ethan V... The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is the copper Tiger from Save The World but with a thermal scope. The Tiger is basically the scoped AR but is just legendary. Most guns were from Save The World
Zenteh ... Ali a video coming soon
Aframe0... I don’t have notifications but I am early.
milia w... I was playing for note when the new update finish and I got the gun in my second game and it is so fye
ABOMINA... Ooohhh that’s what it feels like ha ? Listen 5:27
Xacteru... They will add this but after few days remove lt
Marius ... 5:27 Close your eyes and listen

Víðir... Why do I feel like Tfue is always complaining
Christi... Not squad
Mirko 1... like
Acc Nas... Why is er no soent
I GOT T... I think the scoped assault rifle with thermal is gonna be normal assault rifle cooler brother like famas and scar
Somesne... Notification squad?
Jackson... Hi I'm your first veiw
AxciixP... I just got the brand new thermal scoped assault rifle in fortnite battle royale
alia intro
Pattern... Any tips on last video?would really help!
Sebaiug... Hello :v
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