Illumi Music - Khalid & Normadi Love Lies Jordi Rivera Remix

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Illumi ... Jordi Rivera strikes again with an amazing remix of Love Lies! ?
LuquidS... I like the water drop.
Andy Sw... Jordi Rivera, you're the best !
Brandon... Build up was good drop was really bad but a good effort for trying though
Flipz... I spotted that cheeky new visual at the drops :D
Ontari... First track I ever listened to from Jordi Rivera was Cereal Killer, I was so impressed. I haven't heard of him since this track, it's so damn good!
Domenic... Perfect <3
Nervz... Illumi, you have the best visualizations... I'm speechless watching this art, how have you done it?
Ma Lish... As always great music... I subscribe 200 channels and u r my number 1 after many years on yt. Check my Spotify marmil1991 and playlist: and follow if u like so i can follow yours.
SAB3R M... *Normani???

Modifie... I Love Ur Uploads ??
MURFIIK... Astonishing track The Vibes are 100% Cali :)
Hunt3d ... Amazing ♥️
SmithFX... Show Me Where Your Love Lies! 01:16
Hunter... I love this Channel and this music thank you ????????
Primal ... So nice!
Ario... My dream is to be featured once on this channel cause the visualizer is so freakin cool
Jestem ... Mogę użyć tego do mojego odcinka mordo bo wiem że jesteś Polakiem ;)
Fox GMR... wow :D
Byrnzy... That’s future bounce ...
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