MotoGamesTV - The Crew 2 E3 2018 Open Beta Announcement

Play for free The Crew 2. Open Beta 21.06 - 25.06 on PS4, Xbox One & PC Download now to enjoy 8 Motorsports disciplines accross the whole open-world USA. MotoGamesTV

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Tavou 1... So now we can't play open beta anymore?
WispyWh... sickest racing vido ever
Ben Hun... Why based in the United states? The last one was based in United states = BORRRRRING
GT-APEX... I mean, they could at least have got someone who speaks good english
Dallas... To the one and only DDG 28,why are you attacking Forza Horizon 4?You’re comparing a demo(FH4)to a game with physics that don’t make sense.Would you rather drive around in the UK,a beautiful country,or go wall riding?
alphado... this woman was deffo a man once upon a time lol
DC77 Ga... I'n going to download this INSTANTLY
Aku... That girl was.......ugly ?
???... How could a f1 car grip so well in rain?
Fugitiv... I played this and remembered the graphics Being better

Kuba Le... If the crew would improve physics they would smash it right now it's 60 forza to 40 The crew IMO
Nam Pha... Is it different from the closed beta?
NitroSt... I can’t wait for this game!
I like that driving suit the avatar has I hope its in the game.
Illest ... ... I still don’t know her name
Eric G.... I want the Renault Megane RS!!
Junior ... The car graphics on this aren't as good as the actual gameplay of The Crew 2 on other YouTube videos
David H... Pretty cool ?
hell cr... Competition with Forza horizon 4 but this is on another level
Blue75... The Crew 2 vs. Forza Horizon 4
HG504... Im sure it will be great, but it looks nowhere near as good as Horizon 4. Looks like a last gen game lol.
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