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♫ Song: Tommee Profitt Feat. Liv Ash - I Know Your Secrets
★ Image:
★ Original Artist: Unknown
★ Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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~Tommee Profitt

~Liv Ash

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Gyuuki ... Don't Forget
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Adrian ... Nice ?
Raycon ... Amazing video;cool!!?????
Elma Mc... 600th
Kirito ... this is amazing
Seth Bi... Hey bro your lyrics are off from syncing with the music by a few seconds
Zakrpa... No you don't know my SECRETS and LIES nobody knows !!
Nightco... Amazing as always.
Katelin... I love this Nightcore,I know your secret, you put your love onto your Nightcores that's why there so awesome, thank you for another awesome nightcore
Paulo M... ? amei
kitty k... <3
seq... Gyuuki Nightcore
1. Adding new NightCore
2. Answering "Thank You (insert emote here)" under every "Good Song" etc. comment
Mikey E... I so sorry for late ?<3
Princes... ???I love this song???
KeksDie... Nice job Gyuuki Senpai! I love it ?
Jayden ... I like it keep up the good work?
Kur0... Heh great song(and you dont know my secrets and you cant see my darkness)
Oszi... You do it again and again. Just AMAZING!!!!!!!
Angeles... Keep it up