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♫ Song: Tommee Profitt Feat. Beacon Light - We Runnin
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★ Original Artist:
★ Anime/Game: Granblue Fantasy
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~Tommee Profitt

~Beacon Light

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Gyuuki ... Don't Forget
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edwin b... No clue who she is but she looks very yandere
Abdurra... Vira ?
MKUS 55... it would be good if female version i hate male versions
K 10... XD just woW!
Mikey E... I sorry for be late ❤
Lena mp... ❤Nice❤???❤❤?❤❤?
Slender... ? ?? ?
Jayden ... Yo i luv your music keep it up and you'll keep getting likes and comments from me?
AEthern... Good song

Adrian ... Awesome ☺?
Kanna S... like
Zuno... See? We request for more Tommee Profitt, we get more Tommee Profitt! It never hurts to ask in previous videos, it quite works! YES!
Katelin... I love this Nightcore, We running for more awesome Nightcores, thank you for another awesome nightcore ???
mrshima... Nice song ??
Wasd :D... Epic tommee song:D
Raid Co... Not gonna runnin' from this one ?
Thiago ... 1