Volkswagen up! GTI ENG Test Drive and Review

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Volkswagen up! GTI was officially presented in May 2018 during Volkswagen fan fest in Wörthersee. 115 hp, sub-9 0-100 km/h time, and less than a 1000 kg. This means Volkswagen up! GTI is still heavier than the original Golf GTI, but it’s slightly more powerful, and has more torque, making it a fun, reasonably priced car.

Starting price: 17 000 euro
As tested: 18 500 euro

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Martin ... funny guy!
Google ... Uncle Scrooge at wv group is really determined to impose to the world he's 3 cylinders coffee maker engine. I am pretty sure that even in he's sleep he dreams about the every 3 cars they sell they got an engine for free... Next step a two wheeled car....
N Sa... #MarekDrivesContest
GTI=great time inside, There is nothing better than a old mk I golf on a mountain road and wheels screaming.
Marko D... FINALLY someone talking about shitty ergonomics in this car and lack of comfort features for daily use, more precisely, the steering wheel blocking the speedometer and no center armrest. You can't see between 80 to 140kph once you set the steering wheel right. I'd really like to meet an idiot who signed off the UP for production, because he/she obviously hasn't sat behind the steering wheel of this car.
Panta K... Ahaha a cat!
alo mik... every VW test drive and review you make sounds like a commercial for VW
Ottavia... when you look for a "no-bullshit" review, look no further than Marek Drives! Great review as usual.
DJRICKY... So in The Alps, The UP GTI was the best thing since sliced bread, yet here you make out it's crap. Bit of a contradiction.
Bruno C... Frankie goes to Hollywood! ? With that price tag the Fiesta 1.0 125 / 140 hp would be more sporty I think.
BillyNo... the only VW id buy but only because id want to experience as close to the original Golf Gti as possible

Allan ... #MarekDrivesContest I would a like GTi for fun.. everybody know girls just wanna have fuuuu-un..!
mipmipm... "volkswagen" and "won't brake the bank" don't fit in the same sentence
Paul Ho... Finally someone else who complains about the ridiculous blind spot by the a-pillars. I drove a Citigo once and was amazed that it's even legal to produce a car with such poor visibility when turning at intersections. I hate manufacturers who push the a-pillars on top of the engine. They only do this to create the sensation of space inside the cabin, without actually giving you any more space. And the downside, it creates massive a-pillars
Vadym P... #MarekDrivesContest I dont like GTI at all, but especially VW group.
ast5515... Needs 30 more hp. Or needs to be cheaper.
Vadym P... too little for a too much money
Mercene... #MarekDrivesContest
I like GTI's because they offer nice performance with daily usability. I'm young, so in Europe that means higher registration, insurance etc etc. The GTI is affordable, thrilling and usable to the point of actually being an option fro someone like me. Although I see the VW up! as the jack of all traits but master of none, it would be the car I would go for if I could get a good one used. The best toy car is still the Abarth.
T H-L... All VW have to do is add power folding door mirrors to the option list and I'll buy!
A. Pika... #konkursmarekdrives Za co lubię GTI ? "GTI to legenda sama w sobie, ponadczasowa, która pozostaje na ustach miłośników motoryzacji od wielu, wielu lat." A tak poza konkursem, nie umiem przejść obojętnie obok tego logo na grillu. ;)
Somuche... OOoh again such a boring car test and.....WAIT! A Cat!!!! WOW! I love u and your channel! Thumbs waaay up!!!