Marbozir - Bad North Viking Brutes! Part 2

Playing Bad North - a minimalistic real-time tactics roguelite game! Bad North gameplay is brutal and relentless, but also accessible due to not requiring excessive micro-management and focusing on the tactical decisions instead. In Bad North, you defend your kingdom against viking invaders and try to take full advantage of the layout of each island. As you progress through Bad North, you get a chance to upgrade your troops, gain new abilities and acquire powerful items! Bad North on Steam: Subscribe to my channel for daily videos: Like what you see and want to support me? You can do it on Patreon:...

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Yousef ... hi and thanks for the playing keep it up and u have a like :)
Gloria ... Use the pikemen against the brutes
Tsunami... Dam, missing out on the loot sucks
Cody Ga... A- how are you playing this? And B- ask the developers when the switch release date is, im dying here. Thanks man.
TealQue... I really hate the way devs give early access to media guys so early. Seriously 1-2 days before release is great to spark my interest, but half a month+... by the time the game is out, I'd already lose interest or forget about it.
Pratik ... Hi
James J... When is the game coming out? It looks brilliant!
Ahriman... The bomb seems terrible compared to the warhammer. Looked like a big delay to throw it.
Weslley... Mar continue the series, it's so good ! kkks

twiligh... So far so good but I feel the difficulty is spiking towards the cpu bombarding you with constant landing parties where it all boils down to a battle of attrition. I'd prefer smaller waves of stronger different forces. Still early but the game might benefit from more unit/enemy types.
cheesey... F to my boy Harold
firfold... just put the pikeman at the stairs and let them do the job. no need to interrupt them with the other unit btw looking forward with the next episode!
German ... yeah, this is quite nice to play and see, MOAR of this please
German ... i like how the flags get one more simbol every time you upgrade a unit. those are small , nice details....
clickac... C R U N C H ! :)
Densebr... Hmm, I wonder if Marbs is interested in playing some Triple A, high quality horror games that have high reviews. I wouldn't mind listening to Marbs thought process while progressing through the game... would sound interesting I think? I mean Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming out at the end of this year and I expect that it has a lot of strange puzzles and frustrating inventory management which is part of the game's mechanics.
Griexxt... Is there a way to win the game, or does it just get worse and worse until you finally lose?
kglew20... I kept wondering why you don't station the pikemen right on the shore so they can stab enemies before the Vikings can depart their ship. But the tooltip explained it: If you try to cheese the game by camping the landing point, the boat will ram your troops and stun them. Pretty smart.
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