MotoGamesTV - Forza Motorsport 7 Wheel Stand Pro with Thrustmaster TS XW Racer Sparco P310 Wheel

Setup: Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod wheel mounted on Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2, Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Shifter mounted on Wheel Stand Pro RGS Module MotoGamesTV #WheelStandPro #Thrustmaster #Forza7

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LFA... You Driving with any Helps? Simulation or Normal Steering?
olevet7... Forza motosport 90° rotation yikes, wondering what's the FFB like, prolly waist of equipment. Surprised they have Mugello even..
MrYammi... Great video. Was that R class 900 or 835? and what was ur best time on mugello? Wondering if I buy a new wheel
Tyler... It kinda pains me that this is being used for Forza. Idk why, its just weird to me that people use high-tech wheels for things other than hardcore sims.
David H... Great ?
Jacob H... Where’d you get the sparco gloves?
Poindex... How much is this racing wheel cost? Cuz I need one for my setup

P.S. I like racing games
windows... it doesn't sound like the insides of a car
DarkMik... only 90 degrees of rotation......
kmlwojc... Nice work, great driving. Hell of an equipment!

Keevi R... My boy got pumas on
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