Marbozir - Civilization 5 Lets Play Brazil Part 25

Lets play some Civilization 5 as Pedro of Brazil! Using 7/15 build of the Vox Populi mod (formerly known as the Community Balance Patch). Playing on tilted axis map (and pangaea landmass type) with some hand-picked AI civs (Aztecs, France, Mongolia, the Huns, Assyria, Carthage, Zulus). Civilization 5 - Lets Play Brazil Playlist ► You can find Vox Populi at Subscribe to my channel for daily videos: Like what you see and want to support me? You can do it on Patreon: My Social Media: Discord Server:...

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life4ni... Spent 1000 gold to get well prepared for hurricane, still losses Temple and Harbor.

I get that negative events are meant to make game more challenging and interesting, but holy shit, they happen every 2-3 turns. It kinda losses its charm if it just keeps happening and happening and happening.
Smitty... you need way more work boats
Rich Ro... marbozir, will you be my uncle
bjartek... Good ol nappy, one last attempt to be relevant in this game.
Javier ... Hey Marb.. i'm a new suscriber to your channel.

What mods would you recommend to Civ 5 ?
Faktor1... France ships entering ice tiles wtf ??
KrazyHa... You can give a city state a gift of gold to be used for upgrading a resource instantly, if you ever want more aluminum immediately
Mauro L... You're at war with Buenos Aires, take it and connect your cities!
ykakuta... With the fall of Marseilles, I think you can build a road connection between your western exclaves and the homeland? Would probably help with happiness!
chuck43... not sure about all the details for Futurism, but you're going to take those 2 French cities very soon. Futurism could have been good timing

Johnny ... Take Byblos to establish a connection between your western cities and your core empire, it would also secure control over the 16 aluminium. A much better episode, good work on conquering the French, they were a "real"
truekin... Whatever floats his boat? I think you mean whatever SINKS his boat, Marbs!
Ahmed K... Meanwhile Carthage is being steamrolled by The Zulus
Jesse F... Napolean is "friendly" when defeated. Maybe he just wanted to be done with this game
Kevin... You have aluminum next to the deer by Nimrud. Use a general for a citadel
Deluded... "I think we should declare war...."

Napoleon: "Hold my beer.".

I also like how that 1 French Frigate was stuck on a glacier around 18:15.
Jesse F... For some reason you dropped to -3 gpt after the hurricane event... typical VP bug I suppose?
nhaskel... I think you have another Tenet you can get.
Ollie D... Napoleon must have smoked crack that morning
Timothy... I think you need to peace out with a city state from your war with France. But I'm glad France went down.
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