Nu Aspect - Things I Said

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Nu Aspect - Things I Said (Original Mix)
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Illumi ... If You like this song please hit that like button under the video and subscribe for more :) Please help me reach more people! Love ya ❤️️
lord bl... this make my day too
Nickelu... hey Illumi Music I found a person who steals your videos like Favulous - jenny from the block and more this persons name is Janji Music.
91ndude... GUYS! finaly u are back to the roots!!!
AFK... I love this but I was expecting a tom westy style drop from the build ;-;
Electro... Sounds are all on point! I like it!
Akeeb... Holy moly this track is awesome <3
Thumpin... really cool
Voxinit... ??
joeri s... that vibe!❤
Amir El... You got good songs on your channel but unfortunately its seems like many people doesn't hear to Real GOOD edm yet
Dus Daa... you earn a playbutton
PTRK... Drop buttons:

N Joy !!! (;
Kayro s... I thought you get pinned when you say you have Notifications on ;)
Matheus... This song is so cool!! I really like it :)
LoftySo... Dooope <3
Mike... Heart on Selected few days ago! awesome track!
Illumi ... I fall in love with this tune from the first listen. Melody in break is so fucking perfect <3 Well done Nu Aspect !

SonyDE... +rep