Kat Napiorkowska - BOOK 2 - Chuck Palahniuk 'Fight Club'

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Elisa M... a lot of people are hating here so i'm just bringing back a bit of love. keep on going you're great! x
Syreal ... Proud Male Feminist
Octavia... Dzisiaj pierwszy raz trafiłam na twój kanal i bardzo mi się spodobało będzie więcej tego typu odc?
Erica... I love this!!!
Intelle... stfu men donot need women. women are parasites and the biggest problem of earth.Because of them mankind are still lacking to become 3rd type civilization.
Intelle... Feminism is cancer
Filipa ... I would really love if Kat N. Kept doing more introduction videos about books i even have a sugestion . How about Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury ?
Marta M... Super film! ;) Krótkie, mocne, na temat! Brawo, Kasia!
CastAwa... Congratulations you are now my favorite youtuber of all time this content is next level
Iluminu... Huahaha

Le Vej... do.... not.... FAK WITH US
joytekb... Talenciara
TheLaur... you're puttinge in a trace omggg❤?
kswanni... Tell this to the Polish parliament - the one's trying to erase democracy for totalitarianism.
Bizzarr... This shit is disrespectful to the original work of art. One of the main themes of Fight Club is manhood and you picking that part to make feminist propaganda is pretty fucking ridiculous.
Ludwig ... I wont talk about it.
Maria B... AMAZED ?
Inaya B... Please tell me what audio equipment you use! Your voice sounds amazing
Malek A... your accent is everything . So in loove -
Trish T... you are amazing Ma'am. i love your videos and they inspire me. i wish you all the best for your future. your videos have helped me in dealing with life.
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