Marbozir - XCOM 2: Marbs & Odd - Furious Empire - Part 56 - Legend Co-op Campaign

XCOM 2 - Marbs & Odd join forces for a Legend Co-op Campaign! Some of the more notable XCOM 2 gameplay mods used include A Better Advent 2, Grimy's Loot Mod, Squad Notoriety, Long War Perk Pack and many more! ChristopherOdd's channel: XCOM 2 Marbs & Odd Legend Co-op Campaign is best viewed from the playlist

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HDANI H... Do any turn-restoring abilities also reset the turn cooldown on other abilities?
o0aless... A big problem with the -15% damage is that we don't know how it's calculated.

Assuming the game calculates base damage, then subtracts 15%, then it comes down on how it rounds the result - since all damage is integer:

If the game rounds down, -15% on a 7-9 weapon results in a final damage of 5-7, which is actually more like -20%.

If the game rounds to the nearest number, however, then the final damage is 6-8, which is more like -10%.

It makes a pretty big difference.
VoxelFu... Hey Marbs, being polish, what good jokes about Germans do you know?
Julia H... Such meticulous set-ups... The only thing you don't take perfectly into consideration is Chris' playstyle. ;)

Also, Natasha is among the best ever. Hope she makes it into your permanent pool.
Mathias... Dose Nat have nice gun? as she is a gunslinger type? =)
tompuce... Dat repeater on the sectopod! My god, so OP ;D
Nighty ... How do you use that "fast overwatch"
y2kplus... You know what might be cool for the final mission, or the last missions like the ADVENT Broadcast Tower mission, is if you and Chris played together; like you did on Gatecrasher at the beginning of the campaign.

Another cool idea might be to have both of you do the mission separately, but you build out each others' squad just like you have been doing for the co-op campaign.

Just some ideas~
Decoher... I was looking at your mod list...I don't remember this being mentioned in the setup videos, did you guys note somewhere what you tweaked in the mission timers? It seems like you got a good balance, and I wanted to try it myself!
myrrhbe... Natasha is a gunslinger build, and I keep thinking it would therefore make sense to remember to mod her pistol.

Also, I think some of the better armours had previously been assigned, are now unequipped by mistake, but because they weren't ever named they keep getting overlooked and forgotten.

And the shadowpistol and bolt caster remain sitting there unused...

Last thing - do you guys have a rule that you can't take weapon mods off of weapons that have been left in the unassigned pile? I would think you should be able to take those mods off, and use them as appropriate.

nocny00... You should both play the final mission - separately. And upload both walkthroughs. I'd watch that.
AlienRe... Acid grenades are fantastic... until you realize they block the path you need to go through lol. But they're still great! Natasha, eh? WOW! Sectopod and mech in one turn. edit: Oh, it's not an acid bomb yet... right.
Jay Ice... Natasha maybe locksleys student xD
crisis8... @11:41 The back of Alberto's face is horrifying. He's certainly got his eyes on there.
Raisen-... and so, another Sniper who execute a sectopod for the list is born ♥
Ed Hart... The final mission usually goes for 2 hrs, so just divide the mission in two and do a coin flip who goes first and who goes second.
I did like in the very first mission of this campaign the two of you both participating.
andrey ... switch the vest with EXO suit with rockets on the gunner
also, the bluescreens are great vs gatekeepers and codex
cory bu... Why don't they both each do the mission?
SS Blue... I would have flipped out if you hadn't upgraded to the plasma lance. I have been screaming at my computer for you guys to finish the research for the last 2-3 episodes.
Tom Bid... One of you should really rename Amir's Amazing Rifle to Amir's Bluescreen Rifle just so you both remember not to waste an item slot again.
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