Long War 2 - Let's Play XCOM 2 - Part 63 - Stealth Advent Forge

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Welcome to Long War 2! This is an XCOM 2 Let's Play series with the Long War 2 mod. Long War 2 is a total conversion mod for XCOM 2, featuring a much longer campaign, infiltration mechanics that require multiple squads at once, managing resistance havens, nine soldier classes, two new weapon tiers, many new enemies and ADVENT strategic AI that tries to counter your moves.
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WizardH... amazing!
Aleksan... good job, stealthy af. °_°
Aleksan... thx for skipping gear load. <3
MegaOte... stunning job, really thrilled to see the successful compaign
Matthew... I was literally sweating watching this mission. amazing
besanit... this is the result of "shadow tactics" training, is nice that the game can force you to try new ways to beat it.
Kevin B... XCOM 2: Walk Simulation Edition
Frederi... That was absolutely amazing. Kudos for an awesome mission.

Don't give up the campaign! If possible, maybe tone the difficulty down a bit.
clickac... Who knew? Its different to the explosive kill-everything-destroy-cover Marbs strat. I like it.

I like the other strat too.
StuartR... Alien Human Resources supervisor: "Hi, yes, do come into my office, Mr. Sectopod"
clump stomp smash
AHRS: "I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go, Mr.S. You've been a valuable member of staff, but we feel you just aren't the right fit."
Mr. S: "Does not compute."
AHRS: "The main reason is that you managed to actually destroy more of our secret, evil facility in your normal patrol than those damn rebels did in their entire raid. Have you seen poor Mrs. Codex after you crashed through her office wall, destroying her desk and memorabilia just so you could get to the toilet? She's in shock. Your P45 is at reception. Goodbye."
Stomp smash beep
Csaba T... I don't necessarily think stealthing a mission is cheesing it. You're outnumbered and outperked at every corner of the game, also there're classes dedicated to stealth. Fighting your way through all enemies is not necessarily how this game should be played, especially nowadays in your campaign
Andrei ... That ... is some exceptional piece of work, Commander. Well done, Marbs!
o k... OMFG that was the most nerve-racking episode in the entire campaing :D Mby cause the entire campaing's future hanged on the success of this lol, well done and i hope u will continue untill the very sweet or bitter end :)

PS: Speaking of leads, u had like 2-3 missions pop up (in last 2 episodes), that specifically said "find a lead", does that not mean a lead for the facility? If it does, u should try to pay more attention to the mission types so u can try to get a lead that way ;-)
Thurman... That was awesome. Nail-biter for sure!
Ua Ty... Marbozir after awc training You could easy train same person Again. Just in the tree with abilitys in top right of that tree is small button "train again"
o0aless... I thought this mission would totally fail and force you to abandon the campaign. That was really nice.
Dominiq... that was a sick looking mask on that new guy
romiko2... that was thrilling :)
Keaden1... Jesus's Christ, my heart can't take this.
kistusz... I may be a weirdo but i really like your stealth missions. May be because they are different, but i think you also have a knack for them. I know its more risky to do them on timed missions especially on ones where the extract is timed, but i think with re conceal it is doable.
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