SoftAnnaPL - ASMR Harmonizing You with Tuning Forks l Binaural Polish Whsiper

Hello guys! In this ASMR video I play around with two different tuning forks. Hope you will like it. Sleep well and be cozy. Thank you JarvisBrothers for your support on Patreon My Patreon account is for those of you, who want to support me in making the best content I can. Every little bit helps! ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ♣ FIND ME / ZNAJDŹ MNIE Instagram: Facebook: ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ♣ PayPal donations are always appreciated at: [email protected] (I'll send you an e-mail, which is associated with your PP with Facial SPA MP3 as a gift)

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Domin L... Gdzie się podziewasz Anno???. Wróć proszę.. ? Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
David M... i love your hands
taranis... Thank you Anna ❤ I can't help toning on this kind of sound
Piotr T... Było by lepiej jakby kamerton byłby 432mgh ;)
Creepin... i always like how multi-cultural asmr comment sections are. to hell with politics. world peace through relaxing youtube videos is the way
Names... I don't know why but you look really cute in that shirt : )
Joni Wa... Omg subtitles!!! Thank you. I've watched you forever and don't understand a word you say. Now I'm so happy. If only o could stay awake to read the all. Lol
kdkeodf... that's so creepy I can't relaxe ??
B?a?ej ... literówka w tytule ;)
Birsa88... Дорогая пани Анна, ваш голос помогает мне заснуть)

adam ta... Czy możesz zrobić cały film w mówieniu po polsku, co byłoby niesamowite
TigerWo... Let's see. Subbed to ASMRtists for English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Finnish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Polish
Zenek01... Dobra wieczór wam
DuskWhi... I was so happy when I saw this thumbnail! I love tuning forks ❤❤
George ... Tuning in late. ? ⏳ ? ?
LilGame... Thank you.
Asmr Ci... Yes, I love tuning forks!
Gristle... Thank you, Anna, your video did help me to sleep. :-)
Maciej ... super sprawa na kaca, dziękuję
gatzaro... Se me cae la baba...gracias!
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