Marbozir - XCOM 2: Marbs & Odd - Sectopod Prime - Part 58 - Legend Co-op Campaign

XCOM 2 - Marbs & Odd join forces for a Legend Co-op Campaign! Some of the more notable XCOM 2 gameplay mods used include A Better Advent 2, Grimy's Loot Mod, Squad Notoriety, Long War Perk Pack and many more! ChristopherOdd's channel: XCOM 2 Marbs & Odd Legend Co-op Campaign is best viewed from the playlist

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HouseOf... This campaign has had more +20 to hacking opportunities than all the rest combined.
Nick Je... Holy crap that prime is huge!
T Marki... Don't forget to use bluescreen before a hack.
Konradk... 41:45 Yay!
UnKnown... anyone else lean to the right when he tried to hack to mech?
Tommy _... Chris make a good choice not bringing Danielle lol jk
Jason M... Any idea why mr.odd hasn't put out his x-com yet ?
o0aless... Also, you may want to discuss what you do and do not need with Chris, especially WRT scientists and engineers :)
o0aless... Remind Chris to give you bluescreen on Amir next time :)
tipoima... Marbz, are you going to do rulers at all? You have frost bomb back, you have fully upgraded weapons, high-rank soldiers and you about to end the campaign. I see no reason to not to do it, are you afraid of it?

chan ma... it kind of make sense now the Rule Fix gear, Grimmy loot mod and notoriety together. Just need some tough enemies, Better advent does that becoming a well balanced game.
Werlay ... for the final mission play it together
TuPtamm... the turn not ending coz the game give you a chance to use reposition after rogue out of action point
hueheuh... Seth FeelsBadMan
crisis8... Seth + Frost Bomb is a good combo. Actually, for Seth it's a necessary combo, as he can't hit enemies that aren't frozen solid.

It seems the last side-attack wasn't exciting enough for Marbs so now he gets a sectopod prime and some mutons flanking him. But it turns out that still isn't enough, so ABA2 will have to up the ante even further!
AlienRe... How did the truck not blow up?
zd4w9... Loving this series!
Danilo ... I knew the sectopod position since he broke some stuff behind the van the turn before he was revealed. Liked the use of reposition. Freaked a little bit when you didn't use "recon" before shereding and taking a lot of shots on the prime, but all is well when it ends well. A shame about those hacks.
Wolfeso... Seth, you are NOT prepared! (See his bio if you don't get the joke)
Wolfeso... 11 enemies on the next mission with only 5 types listed and nothing bigger than a Hazard MEC? There is CLEARLY an unlisted Prime in there, probably a large one.
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