Illumi Music - Ryan Harvey & Kyolo - Third Degree Ft. Stevyn

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Illumi ... Brand new track from Ryan Harvey & Kyolo and Stevyn on the vocals. You can't not like this awesome collab.

Free download:
DJ CriC... Tasty drop!
Adam Yu... how this track got 6 dislikes is beyond me :O:O
Wut Wut... Hey Illumi, just wanna say this channel has been stealing content from your channel so you might wanna do something about that.
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Voxinit... Amazing track
that upload is awesome
Haplow... I kinda liked it when you uploaded the full track including the intro.
Matheus... Yesss!! I was waiting for this one since they dropped the preview!! It has such a cool vibe, and Stevyn's vocals just add even more to this masterpiece <3
unique ... amazing
Stevyn ... Lyrics:
"Free me from this triangle,
I'm now the third degree,
I was the original,
But now it's you and him,

Free me from this triangle,
Of your infidelity,
I was the original,
I'm now the third degree,"

Joellé... amazing track guys well done <3
Top Hou... Interesting melody…

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Cannonh... Kyolo <3
Ro Ben... he was talking about illumi triangle XD
PTRK... Drop buttons:

N'joy (;
Larry... One of my favourite songs on this channel. JESUS CHRIST THAT DROP WTF WTF WTF
LoftySo... This is lit <3
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