Let's Play RimWorld Alpha 16 - Marb's Barbs - Part 27

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Welcome to RimWorld Alpha 16! In this series, I play RimWorld with the Wanderlust (Alpha 16) update, which is one of the biggest updates RimWorld had so far.
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Jed Cha... Build more geothermal generators, they are the best power supply. You don't have to expand your base all the way out to them, just surround them with a wall. Also try to isolate all your turrets with switches, and consider using long corridors lined with traps instead of so may turrets. If not geothermal solar is good, you have plenty of batteries they are just not charging due to lack of power.
Craig K... Definitely need to work on your power management. Each item that is running consumes electricity measured in Watts, but each also has it's own internal switch that you can use to turn it off. The Sun lamp uses 1600 Watts and Generator's only produce 1000 Watts each, so you need at least 2 just for the sun lamp. Plant's do not grow 24 hours a day, so it is best just to power the lamp with two solar panels on a separate circuit and let it shut off at night. If you are near a pole which does not have much light in winter, then you might need three and a battery to extend it a little.
Robert ... @Marbozir create the Switches and turn off the Turrets what are current unusable and save a lot of power !
Turn on switches then a raid will start or a horde od animals will attack your colony
 Disable completely turrets that protect steam generator.
Alexand... Swich off the turrets to save power.
Paul El... Sorry about the massive comment spam, but I just wanted to add that I really enjoy this series. Even more so because Rimworld has a constant learning curve. Everytime you think you know it all, it throws you a curveball that forces you to rethink your go-to strategies.
It might be frustrating sometimes, but I like that it keeps forcing you to think outside of the box.

PS: Excuse my compulsive backseat gaming (or genuine and helpful advice, as I see it).
Frik Na... Best moment to hunt boomalopes and boomrats is when it's raining. You don't have to worry about fires - they die off almost instantly.
Last Te... Hey marb did your game of oxygen not included fail as bad as mine? Guess alpha means alpha :p
Jorge F... Marbozir, please don't give up on this series. You only need to rework your power grid. Those generators were just not capable of powering all those turrets. Try to isolate the turrets to the west, after the generator, and you should be positive on power.
Also, call the caravan. It's worth a try.
Beastwo... I'd like to imagine he is complaining about power while he has 3 lamps, the airconditioning, the heater, the room lights, bathroom lights, and his tv on all at the same time wondering about why his electric bill is so high.
(hint hint, turrets take alot of power, especially when you have like 15 of them.)
onekron... Hydroponics basins need power plus heat and light in the winter. Simple solution build a room outside 13x13 put in a sunlamp plus 1 heater in the middle then plant it like you normal would a field. It has normal growing times so food all winter long specially if you do multiple of them. You can even use camp fires to heat them.
Ffs... For the power situation, in addition to switching off turrets that you aren't currently using, perhaps you could re-structure your heating/cooling situation a bit? For example, rather than having a heater for each room, you could try setting it up so that the heating is shared between adjacent rooms, through vents. Love this series of yours, by the way. I always look forward to these RimWorld videos.
stars n... Wishing you good luck with this; let's hope a cargo pod with food drops? :p
DimZ... Went overboard with turrets. Try to build some switches close to them, so that you don't waste energy.
To carry things you have to unforbid them first, but i'm sure you know that.
As for the hydroponics, your plants die (expire) before they can grow enough in order to harvest them. Again this is down to power shortages. Fix that with switches and everything will get back on track.
Kalin T... Hi Marbs,
The bear is forbidden, that is why you can't do anything with it. Also try to turn off stuff, which you do not need. Like turrets, heaters, lights, machining and research table(s) if you are not researching anything vital at the moment. Build more wood burning generators and make sure they are always fueled.
If you do not provide enough power for the hydroponic basins the crops will just die and it will be all for nothing. Also the basins themselves use quite a lot of power so you might consider turning some of them off for the moment and plant some quick growing crops in the others, like rice. Ah yes, also there is no such thing like too much huskies, when you don't have enough meat/food, just slaughter the ones, which cannot haul and maybe some more and you will get some meat and will have less huskies which eat your food.
I hope the above might give you some ideas.
Spartac... Might need a bit of power rerouting, but putting switches in front of each set of turrets will definitely help. You could also just disconnect a few machines/work tables/anything that won't damage the colonists until you've grown enough food, maybe?

Also, the bottom wind turbine you added in this episode seems to be blocking the turbine on the left out of the two directly above it. I think.

That's my backseat view, anyway. Full disclosure, a backseat view from someone that definitely wants to see more episodes. :)
Portsmo... One of the wind generators isn't turning.
Antimon... Regarding components, there's still a few spaceship chunks scattered across the map.
Alex Mc... Marbs, the bear was forbidden. If you unforbid it you should be able to haul it.
King Xe... "We have too many Huskies, it's a problem."

Ummmm... the best kind of problem?
Eric Ne... Thanks for this. I love this series- the game, actually, but you're keeping us wanting, lol.
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