Sariel_s LEGO® Workshop - Sariels Monthly Workshop Report 08/2018

In this report: Jeep Wrangler Trailcat, King Tiger XL and Renault FT 17! See what Im building right now at

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Nikola ... Challenge! Build the object279 tank
Stimy66... Great Work with the King tiger & Renault Pawel!! can't wait for the finished result!
Edgethu... How did you manage to have si many lego pieces?? It s amazing!!
brick m... do you know where i should go to look for a micro motor
aydan k... Can you please make a stug 3
SuperSa... It's a pity that the turntable was disappointing. The new design looks better and I can't wait to see that things functions
dominat... Instead of the mbt 70, make an stb 1 tank
ex ec... Po co centralny dyfer w jeep'ie ?
Hothrik... A Small question: Is it ok to wash Lego wheels?
dimitri... Mazda 787B !
agustin... Are you going to review the aston martin set?
DUMMY L... It is really fun to me.
Jack Hu... You ate a lot of ice cream ??
?????... plz build Valkyrie
el 01... At least you organize your LEGO. Mine is thrown in a pile on the floor. When I move next year, it's gonna be a pain.
TheEpic... Hadn't fully realised how big that tiger is gonna be ? can't wait!!
Kingsum... I don't get why some people thumbs down this great work. I really love the work that you do! Keep it up!
Matthew... dużo robisz naras
Genio G... Też trzymam posegregowane klocki w pudełkach od algidy ☺️. Nie mogę się doczekać prezentacji kolejnego projektu
Shadow ... Hey
I have an Fender electric guitar and whenever I connect I play with the bridge pick-up it's make some weird sound in the amp. But with other pick ups it's just fine . Do you know what the problem me be guitar or amp ? Also do you recemmend a use of capo for electric guitar?
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