Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.19 vs 1.25 Nissan R92CP Cockpit Comparison

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Track: Circuit de la Sarthe (No Chicane)
Afternoon - 15:00 - Sunny

Gameplay from PS4 Pro.



Buckeye... Do you really think that you can hear tire squeel over this loud powerful engine? Polyphony needs to fix that.
crespin... The real simulation arcade
hercula... it's slow but at least they are fixing things
SAY MY ... One nonrelated comment
Did anyone noticed hazard lights don't work on VW 1200
abbas s... Why its dark in the sun
BuzzRac... No difference in terms of sound, am I right?
Al R... dashboard boi
lebosou... Forza motorsport drops this anyday
nfdids... It's easier to see the dashboard now :)
PianoPl... Thank you!

Olavo F... Nice
Diver 1... We can drive easier with this car in the night.
W0lveri... 787B 1.24 and 1.25 comparisons