MNXHD - Football Disrespect & Most Unsportsmanlike Moments 2018

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Valenti... Ramos deserve it
King Pe... Also notice how only 1 saudi player stood for the tribute
King Pe... I was watching that Man. City vs Man. United game when Aguero dove. As a Man. City fan i was disappointed that Aguero dove like that
Ilan Al... 3:10 xDDDDDDDDDDD
Tiago S... Neymar is a shit... Only want fouls...
Maj Top... DARK SIDE of football
Regan W... Half of these are not true
Jordin ... Messi: “hicho de puta”
Nanu Go... Otamendi bastard
???????... Nico Otamendi es el más puto pecho frío de Argentina se enoja & deshonra a Argentina con un juego tan sucio como lo que hizo en el mundial en lugar de meter huevos en la cancha jugando limpio

John Ve... Typical everton players pushing opponents into the fans
Destroy... Rakitic is always so calm
Mason W... Thought I was watching an iPhone X advert when I saw the intro
alc... Who's that racist colombian player? Number 21 at 3.12
Dasplit... Honestly i cant stand floppers??
MNXHD... Football Disrespect with the Most Unsportsmanlike Moments ! Enjoy the video!
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Zumbel2... Why did zlatan get a red card
ich_auc... REAL IS SHIT
ich_auc... 0:37 I hoped Ramos died
Scott L... For the Ibra one the guy felt his bum
Gabriel... 6:58 vardy broke a leg
Gabriel... juve merda
Dingo W... Fuck Wilshere, I hope he fucks up his career even more with west ham, that shit
PedroBR... How is Neymar getting fouled on vs Guingamp disrespectful that was a penalty and thats it
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