Marbozir - Phantom Doctrine KGB Campaign Part 19 Just Passing Through

Lets play Phantom Doctrine an XCOM style game set in 1983 during the Cold War. Phantom Doctrine is an alternate history game, in which you control a secret organization dedicated to fighting a global conspiracy. Phantom Doctrine lets you play as either a CIA or KGB operative, and unlock a third, new game plus protagonist. Phantom Doctrine gameplay features both tactical as well as a strategic layer. Phantom Doctrine on Steam: Subscribe to my channel for daily videos: Like what you see and want to support me? You can do it on Patreon: My Social Media: Discord Server: Twitter: Business Inquires Only: New to the channel? Hi! My name is Marbozir and Ive been running a gaming channel since 2011. I enjoy many different genres, but I always had a soft spot for strategy games, so youll find a lot of them on my channel. The videos I make include short series, where I check out new games that interest me, long lets play / walkthrough style series focused on games I especially enjoy, sometimes a high difficulty level playthrough, and from time to time random one offs, occasional multiplayer series, old games and more. I like sarcasm and dry humor, so youll probably find some of that in my videos too! #PhantomDoctrine #TurnBased #Marbozir

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Anon Vi... 1:24 The incredible teleporting jetliner.
19:29 The best takedown is a silent takedown.
Wait Am... This playthrough is very enjoyable. Love your dry sense of humor as well!
Dmit Co... служу Советскому Союзу !
slutmon... lol you're so bad at this game. When there's a double door the camera only covers one of them. you can see by your move indicator that you won't trigger an alarm.
Bogmire... Marbozir please do a playthrough of Super Monkey Ball
stars n... god that was hilarious... indigo probably even winked at the screaming civilians as she passed by carrying the agent to boot
Active0... You don't need to stabilize. The bleeding is paused during beeing carried.
tscchop... After the forgers returned from their job, they weren't re-assigned - need the money coming in. Why have the agent return from Baghdad, when it's going to be the Cabal's new home?
Dorgar ... They nerfed the Actor Perk on Patch 1.0.5. It was too OP, man.
??... your forge basically idle for entire episode
Eric Ne... Excellent! Thanks, Marbs!
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