MotoGamesTV - Gran Turismo Sport Museum Zagato

Music: 1. Naoki "naotyu " Chiba Bricktard 2. Variety Lab I Cant Help Thinking About You MotoGamesTV

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Vincent... If some of those cars in future will appear in GT series it will blow my mind. I loved the inclusion of the BAT Biposto, stunning car.
hercula... i love these bits of history for each brand
Reydrie... As pretty much always, GT is on point with their music choice. Love the Japanese ambient pieces especially.
Luca Ro... I really hope they realease the Vanquish Zagato into the game
TheCraz... Everyone may not care about the Museum feature in GTSport,but got to at least support it so we can have more for the ones that do care! Lol I say this simply because we been getting less of it lately.
Xbox fa... White background hurts my eyes. it's unhealthy choice.
SirCree... Forza needs a museum like feature.
Rogueze... Never knew there would be an encyclopedia in this game. But nice tho.
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